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 (Conditions Apply)

The Covid-19 Alert level will become level 4 on Wednesday at 11.59pm. This means that all business will be closed except for essentials service and lifeline utilities.

We are available to continue work needed to maintain human health and safety at home or work.

Under the definition we can also continue to provide plumbing, gas fitting or drain laying services if they are immediately needed to main human health and safety at home/work. Under this definition the service must:

• Be needed to maintain human health and safety at home/work; AND
• That need must be IMMEDIATE.


Examples of the type of work that would come under this definition include:

1. The repair/replacement of hot water cylinders that have failed as the hot water will be required for sanitation purposes
2. The unblocking and repair/replacement of sanitary waste pipe where there is an immediate threat to human health and safety
3. The repair/replacement of water pipes where there is an immediate threat to human health and safety
4. The repair/replacement to gas piping, fitting and appliance where there is an immediate threat to human health and safety


Examples of the things that would not be included in that definition are:

1. The repair of minor leaks
2. The replacement of tap washers
3. Routine servicing
4. The replacement of sanitary fixture that are working

If you require us to come out and do a job please call our normal number (09)836 4009 or 0800 888 287 and we will arrange a time. We will ask you to continue to employ good hygiene practices, maintain social distances and avoid handshakes to ensure the risk or any transmission is avoided.

We understand that this is a challenging and uncertain time for everyone. We appreciate your patience and your support. Our team is still available if there is anything we can do to help, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

It is important we keep our essential service running, support New Zealand plumbing health and safety needs and look after all our people.

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To avoid the need for an emergency plumbing call-out, we also strongly recommend people to use our service and maintenance expertise. It is much cheaper and far less stressful to have your heating system or hot water cylinder service each year than to need an emergency repair.


We are an accredited Rheem Service Centre.


After-hours 24/7 plumber

These days many people cannot be at home during the normal 9 to 5 work day so at Heron Plumbing, we offer an after-hours service for this situation. If you need plumbing, drainage, fixing a blocked toilet, servicing a heating system of any gas-fitting work but need an afterhours plumbing service, call us and we can arrange an appointment with you.


If you need an emergency plumber or want some expert advice on hot water cylinders, bathroom or kitchen plumbing or want annual servicing of your plumbing, call us on 0800 888 287 or email admin@heronplumbing.co.nz and we will be glad to help you.









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