Use A Qualified Henderson Gas-Fitter


Gas installation can be dangerous and must never be attempted by an amateur.

Most people realise this and so look for a qualified Henderson gas-fitter but there are many cheap options available but, to be honest, they are not worth your time. Below you are clearly going to see why a qualified gas-fitter is the only choice.

What Makes A Qualified Gas-fitter?

Master Plumber west AucklandA fully qualified gas-fitter should be a recognised member of the trade association, the Master Plumbers, Gas-fitters and Drain Layers. To be a member, a plumber has to undergo regular training and up-to-date industry knowledge. Only use a gas-fitter who is a full member of the association.


The main reasons why people prefer to get a qualified gas-fitter is because of safety. Gas is dangerous, gas is flammable, gas can kill people and it can kill your family. Because of these reasons people typically go with a qualified gas-fitter. Saving a little bit of money, being cheap, not making an intelligent choice, is not worth the safety of the people who they are responsible for. So, if you are the type of person who cares about safety, but who doesn’t want to be cheap, doesn’t want to make a bad decision, then you too will choose a qualified gas-fitter.

A Qualified Gas-fitter Is Worth The Cost

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Is a qualified gas-fitter worth the price? It really depends if you care about what we talked about above –  safety. If you care about safety, if you care about the quality of workmanship, if you want the best that you can get, then the price is well worth the cost. Sensible people are simply not willing to risk quality or safety for cheapness or any others excuse people use when they do not use a qualified gas-fitter.

You Can Easily Find A Henderson Gas-fitter

A qualified gas-fitter is very easy to find especially with the Internet where you can do all your research to find the right one for you. Many people might use the excuse that they can’t find a quality one but that is not true. You can find qualified gas-fitter’s very easily. You just need to do the research to find them with a very quick Google search. Make a short-list of potential gas-fitters in Henderson area, compare them, learning a little bit more about each one so you can make an informed and smart decision.


As you can now see there’s no reason why you should not use a qualified Henderson gas-fitter. We have gone over the safety reasons why you should use a qualified gas-fitter. We have talked about the cost and why it is worth the money to get a qualified gas-fitter. It is also easy to find a gas-fitter as well. So you basically have no excuse not to use a proper gas-fitter thereby assuring the safety of your gas installation.

As far as we are concerned at Heron Plumbing, we also have a great record in reliability, in terms of turning up when we say we will. Our business has been established in the Henderson area for over 50 years so you know you can rely on our reputation for complete satisfaction with any gas-fitting jobs you might have.

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