Don’t Delay Calling A Plumber To Repair Leaking Taps

If you have a leaking or dripping tap, it is all too easy just ignore it as a minor inconvenience. However, ignoring your leaking tap can, in time, cause significant damage that may well surpass the cost of hiring a local West Auckland plumber. Here’s why you need to hire a plumber for a leaking tap.


Why Is Your Tap Leaking?

There are several causes that can lead to your tap leaking. Corrosion, mineral deposits, and worn out gaskets are just some of the more common ones affecting the taps in an average household. Of course, unless you can diagnose the problem quickly and effectively, you may end up assuming your tap is leaking for all the wrong reasons. A professional eye is a must as a plumber has years of experience dealing with issues just like yours.


Is Your Tap Correctly Installed?

What if your tap wasn’t installed correctly in the first place? If washers aren’t placed in the correct order, or it is not fixed properly to the bathroom or kitchen bench-top, your tap may have constantly leaked from the start. Not only does this incur unnecessary water costs but it can lead to much bigger repair costs too. Only a professional plumber will be able to install your tap correctly, or find out where the installation went wrong and fix it for you.


How Much Is Your Time Worth?

People often say that time is money. So, consider how much time you would spend attempting to repair a leaky tap. Not to mention the stress, mess, and family upset. Further, you would be doing with without any guarantees whatsoever. A professional plumber will respond in a timely manner when you call them, be able to repair a leaking tap much quicker than you and most of the time, will give you a limited warranty on the work they carry out.


Will You Fix A Leaky Tap Or Make It Worse?

When you have a problem with a leaky tap, you may end up making the situation worse. There’s a good chance that you don’t have the necessary experience or the tools to ensure that the work is up to code. If work is carried out by unlicensed workers, your insurance can be invalidated. But there is also a good chance that you will not properly fix the leak. Will you tighten the tap properly?  What about any damage to the counter-top? There is a host of other problems that often arise from a well-meaning amateur trying to fix a leaky tap.


Fixing A Leaking Tap – A Plumber Is Good Value For Money

You may believe that plumbers are expensive but planned plumbing work is very affordable.  It is also a great return on investment.  Minor fixes like a leaking tap only incur a nominal charge, and, it is usually a quick job for an experienced plumber. But the biggest value in hiring a plumber to fix a leaking tap, is the cost they can save you down the track if the tap continues to leak.


The sound of a leaking tap in your home can be irritating, especially at night but the potential damage will be more than irritating.  The moment you see a leaky tap, call us. Our plumbers are friendly, fast, affordable, and knowledgeable.


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