Do You Want Filtered, Boiling, Or Chilled Water In Your Workplace?

Many offices, and other workplaces want a continuous supply of boiling and chilled water. You organisation might be medical premises, a large office, or a small hotel, whichever, having the endless supply of hot or chilled water is an important issue for staff, visitors, and customers alike. Further, if you are in a public place, you will want your water delivery to look stylish but be super-reliable at the same time. The best way to achieve this is to install a Rheem under-bench water chiller unit.

Traditional Ways Of Getting Hot And Cold Water

In the past hot and cold water were delivered by two different systems. Hot water came from over-bench, point-of-use water boilers which are very effective, and are still common. However, for areas where you want to keep devices to a minimum such as public areas, or boardrooms, over-bench water heaters, however attractive they may be, they can be too large or obtrusive for some situations.

For chilled water, people generally had to choose between a water fountain or a fridge. Again, in some situations, these are not the most attractive, and definitely not space-efficient ways to provide chilled water.

Modern, Efficient, Compact, Hot And Chilled Water Delivery

The Rheem under-counter chillers provide the perfect solution to deliver boiling and chilled water.

Firstly, the units are hidden from sight, located under the work-bench, or in a cupboard. In fact, the only item that is visible is a tap. The tap can deliver either boiling water or chilled water even includes a water filter to remove odours of chlorine, and tiny particles, as well as preventing lime-scale build-up.

The taps are also extremely safe to use as they have a two-fingered operating mode which ensures that anyone drawing water has to concentrate on what they are doing.

The chiller units are also energy efficient as they include a seven-day timer so you can turn off the unit when It is not in use, over weekends for example. On top of that, they unit also has a sleep node so if it has not been used for a specified time, it will shut off, saving you wasted electricity consumption. This can save you up to 40% of your water heating bill.

More Reasons To Choose Rheem Water Chillers

They are all easy to install by a qualified plumber so the installation process won’t take days of your valuable work time.

They are easy to keep clean.

The units can auto-calibrate which means the maximum temperature can be set and held steady.

It is simple to use any model, with all of them being energy and cost efficient to operate.

The Rheem water chillers can deliver plenty of hot or chilled water whenever you want. The larger models deliver up to 40 litres (approx. 50 to 247 cups) per hour.

All Rheem products have smart design so that none of the models will burn as they prevent them from drying out from boiling down.

Installing An Under-Bench Chiller In West Auckland

It is imperative that you use a qualified plumber to install a Rheem water chiller. The chiller unit will be hidden away which will probably mean that access to the water supply and other pipework will be limited. So, to make sure you don’t have any leaks, correct installation is essential. Our plumbers have been trained by Rheem so they fully understand the installation and operational processes of the water chiller units.


Maintenance Of  Your Rheem Chiller

To keep your chiller working in optimum fashion, it is strongly recommended that you carry out a six-monthly minor maintenance which comprises:

simply checking, and replacing if necessary, the water filters

check and clean the dust from the condenser.

If you do these simple tasks as recommended, your Rheem under-bench chiller should give you years of boiling and chilled water, operating to your satisfaction. For more details on installing a Rheem under-bench chiller in west Auckland or on the North Shore, call us on 09 836 4009.

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