West Auckland Water Backflow Systems Maintenance

 Water backflow systems are intended to stop cross-contamination of water with foul water flowing back into a potable water system, Clearly, if you have foul water flowing into your water supply, that can cause all sorts of health risks. It follows that water backflow system maintenance is important, so you can prevent those types of emergency situations.

The Causes Of Water Backflow

There are two causes – back pressure, or back siphonage.


  1. Back-pressure is when there is an increase in pressure in the system compared to the water supply.
  2. Back-siphonage is when the pressure in the source has been lowered.


Both causes will cause serious problems. Both are easily avoided by having a plumber carry-out maintenance on a water backflow system.


The Testing Regulations

Each year, Watercare will test your Backflow Prevention system. If your system does not meet their regulatory standards, they can restrict your water supply, and impose significant fees to re-test, and get your system working correctly again.


Preventing The Watercare Non-Compliance Cost

To avoid this, you can simply have a qualified plumber look at your backflow prevention system and advise if you need any maintenance to keep your system up to code.


Our plumbers are trained to the Master Plumber training standards. That means they can carry-out the necessary tests to make sure your water backflow prevention is compliant with Watercare’s regulations.


We will test your backflow prevention system, and of we find any issues which need repairing, we will advise you, and give you a written quote of the costs to repair your system to bring it back to compliance.


It is more cost-effective to have us come to carry-out the tests than wait for Watercare. We can see what the likely problems are, so you can have them fixed before any failure report from Watercare.


This will save the cost of re-testing, water restrictions, and the disruption to your business.


Likely Back-Flow Prevention Issues

The more common problems are simply related to the age of tor system, Components ear-out over time, and need to be replaced.


We have worked with all the main backflow prevention systems, so we can test and identify the common causes of system failure and can remedy those for you.


The cost of maintenance for a backflow system

The cost of regular maintenance on your water backflow system is a relatively minor expense. The cost of not having maintenance n a backflow system can be huge with fines, insurance claims, health costs and the damage to your reputation.


Don’t risk it. Call Heron Plumbing for backflow prevention maintenance on 0800 888287.


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