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Few of us think about back-flow with our water. We turn on the tap and clean water comes out. On the other hand we flush away waste water and it’s gone forever. But there is a risk to your health if there is a cross-connection between the incoming water supply and a waste water source.

This can happen for a wide variety of reasons such as a drop in water pressure, high demand can cause a fall in pressure or the water system was incorrectly installed. All of these cause a vacuum or siphon effect which can result in back-flow of waste water into your drinking water.

This situation is mainly in commercial operations such as laundries, garden nurseries, golf courses and many others.

At Heron Plumbing our technicians are trained in identifying potential back-flow situations and install back-flow prevention systems to protect you and your water supply.

We offer a back-flow consultation service to advise you of any risks you face. Clearly these health risks can be very expensive so it’s extremely important that you assess your back-flow risks and then install a back-flow prevention system so that your people and customers do not suffer any ill-health risks.

If you already have a back-flow system in place, we can provide an Independently Qualified Person (IQP) to undertake annual certifying inspections required for building insurance & warrant of fitness.

If you need to check your water supply and waste output to prevent back-flow at your premises, call us on 0800 888 287 or email admin@heronplumbing.co.nz and we will be glad to help you.



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