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After Hours Plumber

These days many people can't be at home during the normal 9 to 5 work day so at Heron Plumbing, we offer an after-hours service for this situation. If you need plumbing, drainage, fixing a blocked toilet, servicing a heating system or any gas-fitting work but need an after-hours plumbing service, call us and we can arrange an appointment with you.

0800 888 287

Hot Water Cylinders

Installation & regular servicing of your hot water cyclinder

Have you ever had to take a cold shower? It’s not fun for most of us. So to enjoy a shower, many homes have a hot water cylinder to heat and store plenty of heated water we can turn on when we want it. We take it for granted that we will have hot running water when we turn on the tap. But it’s not always the case.

As with everything else, hot water cylinder and the thermostat that controls the heat, have a fixed life. The problem is that they can suddenly stop working without warning, leaving you with no hot water. You will then have to wait until a plumber can come and install a new one for you.

Servicing Hot Water Cylinders

The best solution is to have an annual service of your hot water cylinder. When our plumbers come out to carry out your service, they will be able to spot any potential leaks or weaknesses in your cylinder. Often they will be able to repair it to prevent a leak. On the other hand, if they cannot repair it, then they can recommend installing a new one at a time convenient to you so you are not suddenly without any hot water.

One-stop Hot Water Cylinder Installation

Our plumbers are trained by the manufacturers to service, repair and install hot water cylinders. We make sure our plumbers are up-to-date with the latest cylinders so you can be sure that you are having the best quality cylinder and installation to give you years of hassle-free running and plenty of hot water. We also have plumbers with limited electrical licences which means that you only need to make one phone call. No need to hire us plus an electrician to replace the thermostat/element.

Rheem – The World’s Best Hot Water Cylinders

At Heron Plumbing, we are accredited agents for Auckland for Rheem Hot Water Cylinders. Whatever your situation, we can supply and install a Rheem hot water heater for your needs. Low pressure, mains pressure, indoors or outdoors installation – we have Rheem cylinders for any volume or physical situation for gas, electric & solar.

Before You Call Us!

Things To Check When You Have No Hot Water

  • Check your fuse hasn’t blown
  • Call your power company & check that they haven’t turned off your ripple control.

A lot of people aren’t aware but the power company can turn off your HWC, so your house will still have power but not HWC.  A simple call will to your power provider can rectify this without paying for a plumber.

Choose Master Plumbers and Accredited Agents – Not Sub-contractors

There are some operators in the market who are merely a marketing front and sub-contract the work to the nearest plumber. This does not guarantee good work for you. At Heron Plumbing, we are accredited agents for Auckland for Rheem Hot Water Cylinders. We are also long-standing members of the Master Plumbers Association.

We have hot water cylinder service and repair guys operating in West Auckland, North Shore, East and Central Auckland.

If you need a service, repair, installation or simply want some expert advice on hot water cylinders, call us on 0800 888 287 or email admin@heronplumbing.co.nz and we will be glad to help you.
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Emergencies - 0800 888 287

If you need an emergency plumber or want some expert advice on hot water cylinders, bathroom or kitchen plumbing or want annual servicing of your plumbing, contact us and we'll be glad to help you.

To avoid the need for an emergency plumbing call-out, we also strongly recommend people to use our service and maintenance expertise. It is much cheaper and far less stressful to have your heating system or hot water cylinder service each year than to need an emergency repair.

We are an accredited Rheem Service Centre.

Certified IQP Backflow testing and installers
Authorised service centre and installer
Authorised service centre and installer
Authorised service centre and installer