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No-One Thinks Of Their Drainage Until Something Goes Wrong

We use our drainage many times every day and take it for granted. The waste water simply flushes away, nice and easy, no problem. But then if something goes wrong, boy do we know it. A blocked or broken drain is definitely not something you want to happen to your home.


So if you do have a drainage problem, then you want it sorted as soon as possible.


Blocked Drains

There are many causes of blocked drains but the fastest way to clear a drain blockage is to use a high-pressure water jet. Our drainage guys have some of the latest drain-clearing equipment available and can quickly be at your premises to unblock your drainage pipes.


Damaged Drains

A damaged drain does not show up as easily as a blocked drain. Waste water still flows away from your sinks or toilet but signs to look for are wet areas in your garden. In fact one of the most common causes of damaged drains is tree roots growing through the drain course. The original builders or planners didn’t consider surrounding trees or it may be a tree that has been planted more recently. Either way, the cure is usually a big hole to locate the root and remove it before repairing the drain pipes. .

To save time and expense we send CCTV cameras along the drainage pipes to identify where there is root damage or any other cracks. This means we can easily find the place that needs to be repaired.

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Installing New Drainage Systems

Expert planning and installation of drainage systems are the best answer to prevent tree-roots and other damage to your drains.


At Heron Plumbing we have over 50 years experience in all aspects of drainage. So if you are installing new drains in a brand new building project or need to replace old drains in your existing home, with our extensive experience we can help you. Our drainage techs are some of the best in Auckland.


If you have a blocked drain, want to install a new drains or need to repair a damaged drain pipe call us on 0800 888 287 or email admin@heronplumbing.co.nz and we will be glad to help you.






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No-One Thinks Of Their Drainage Until Something Goes Wrong

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