Times When You Might Need An After-hours North Shore Plumber

People have busy lives, and for many couples, both are out during the day at work. This makes it difficult to arrange for workers to come out to fix problems in your home.  For example, if you have a dripping tap, a leaky toilet, or a blocked drain, you want to get these jobs done as soon as possible, but you might not be able to get time off work to manage that. This is when you need an after-hours North Shore plumber.

Reducing The Need For An After-Hours North Shore Plumber

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While some after-hours North Shore plumbers are available, you can take steps to minimise the need to call out an after-hours plumber.

For example, you can keep your waste disposal in good working order, by running it on a regular basis. Running cold water through it for a minute a day will ensure it is kept clean, and running smoothly. If you don’t run the waste disposal on a regular basis, then it can become susceptible to corrosion which will eventually make it stop working.

Don’t start any plumbing projects unless you have plenty of time, and experience. Many plumbing repair jobs are because a well-meaning DIY-er has started a job but doesn’t have time to finish it, or they do not do it properly resulting in water leaks. You will be far better advised to call in a plumber from the start.

If you have a blocked toilet, you might be able to fix it by using a plumbing snake to unblock the pipes. Some strong cleaners can also shift some quite dense toilet blockages however, you should be aware that if they are too strong, then they might damage your pipes.

Another common cause of blockages in pipes is long hair going down the sink. A simple way to prevent this is to use a strainer which catches any hair which means that it cannot go down the sink, and get blocked in the trap.

It is a good idea to inspect your pipework for any signs of a leak or corrosion. You just need to run your hand around the joints in the pipework so see if there is any dampness present. If so, that is a sign that a stitch-in-time might save you a lot of heart-ache and money down the track. If you do this say, twice a year, you will be ahead of the game.

Planning ahead with your plumbing work

If you have a major plumbing job such as a bathroom renovation, or upgrading your kitchen, this is not the type of job you want to be leaving to an after-hours plumber. These jobs are much bigger and require more time than a few hours in the evening.

For this type of work, you are best advised to contact a plumber and arrange a time when they can have free access to your property so they can do the major plumbing work during the day.

Easy actions can prevent call-outs for after-hours plumbers

As we have seen, it is easy to mitigate against some common after-hours plumbing work by taking some simple precautions with your pipes, sinks, and other household appliances. However, even with the best prevention, sometimes it is still necessary to call in an after-hours North Shore plumber. If you do, then at Heron Plumbing we are more than happy to come out to help you outside regular business hours. Call us on 09 836 4009.


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