A Beginner’s Guide To Clearing Blocked Drains

One of those unwanted eventualities to occur in almost every home is the blocked drain.  Caused by hair, soap and other types of blocking agents; the blocked drain is an obstacle that can result regularly if a person doesn’t take care to clear the drain.  The clearing of a drain can be a very unhygienic and plain gross task, but it is a necessity if you wish to remain free of sink or toilet flooding.  This article will provide information on the various methods that can be used to effectively clear a blocked drain.

  1. The Toilet Plunger

Contrary to the name of the gadget, the toilet plunger is not to be used exclusively on toilet blockages as the method of unblocking by this piece of equipment makes it useful on all drains.  To clear a blocked drain with a plunger, it is necessary to cover the top of the drain completely with the rubber.  This will create a vacuum around the opening of the drain which will contribute to the sucking motion when pushing the plunger up and down.  Dependent on the severity of the blockage, the plunging may take a few minutes before any items are dislodged.

  1. The Plumbing Snake

The plumbing snake is another tool that can be used to clear different types of drain blockages.  It presents as a flexible wire to be forced down the drain and rotated in order to grasp the offending materials.  While the use of this gadget sounds simple, it can be quite difficult to control and inexperienced users can experience serious injury if dealing with severe blockages.  It is best to leave plumbing snakes in the hands of professional plumbing technicians if you are unsure how to utilize the item effectively.

  1. The Wire Hook

Using a similar technique to the plumbing snake, the wire hook is a basic gadget used to clear blocked drains.  This method is most effective when clearing blockages caused by clumps of hair.  The process is to shine a flashlight into the blocked drain and once you are able to view the blockage, use the hook to capture the hair and pull it out.  Ideally this technique would be used in the case of blocked sinks and bath tubs or showers.

  1. The Kinetic Water Ram

The kinetic water ram removes clogs from the blocked drain by releasing air through the drain.  To utilize this tool, it is essential that the drain pipe is full of water as the air is pushed through to release the blockage.  It is also important that the air compression in the gas cylinder is carefully regulated to ensure the pressure is not too high or the drain may be damaged.  Due to the technicalities, it is recommended that the kinetic water ram be used by professional plumbers.

Final Words On Clearing Blocked Drains

As can be seen, there are various tools to be used for effective clearing of a clogged drain.  While there are chemicals that can be utilised, the above equipment would be the more beneficial options.

However, sometimes the problem is just too big for people to try themselves. In these situations, you need to call in a professional, Master Plumber to clear your blocked drains.  We will be happy to give you a quotation for your blocked drains and we also guarantee our work.

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