Hot Water Cylinder Maintenance West Auckland

Hot Water Cylinder Maintenance West Auckland

Save Thousands Of Dollars With Regular Hot Water Cylinder Maintenance

If your home is serviced by a hot water cylinder system as opposed to a combi-boiler or continuous flow boiler, the importance of regular maintenance cannot be overstated. If you hire a plumber for hot water cylinder maintenance, you can literally save yourself thousands of dollars.


Here’s how.

Extend The Life Of Your Hot Water Cylinder

A new hot water cylinder can cost upwards of $1,500 plus installation costs. It makes sense therefore to get as much economically usable life from your hot water cylinder as possible. Just like your car, regular servicing and maintenance will help you achieve that.


A hot water cylinder service call can help the plumber spot, and then fix any maintenance issues while they are relatively small and fixable. For example, there may be small spots of corrosion on the boiler surface. If these are caught early enough, the plumber can treat these so they don’t break down completely.


Similarly, the thermostat may suddenly stop working. That mean now hot water. A regular check means our plumbers can carry out often simple maintenance on the thermostat on your hot water cylinder ensuring you have continuous hot water in your home.


Household Damage From A Leaking Hot Water Cylinder

When a hot water cylinder bursts or develops a significant leak, this can cause a lot of damage to you home.  This can be damaged ceilings, walls, floors or cabinetry. The amount of damage will vary depending on where your cylinder is located. For example, if your hot water cylinder is in the loft, imagine the damage that will cause to the lower floors of your home as water leaks out. Water flows a long way.


Even if the leaks or drips are found before they can cause too much damage, they will certainly create a mess, and plenty of unwanted stress.


Lower Your Electricity Bills With HWC Maintenance

A poorly maintained hot water cylinder will undoubtedly cost you more to run. Deposits can build up around the heating element making it less efficient meaning it will need to draw more electricity to heat your water.


On the other hand, a well-maintained hot water cylinder system will be much more efficient, which means you can save money on your household’s annual energy bills.


The insulation of your hot water cylinder might be old too. That means that heat is escaping from the tank, which means the water has to be heated more than necessary. A simple check on the insulation and easy maintenance can pay for itself in one winter.


Hot Water Cylinder Maintenance

At Heron Plumbing we have been providing hot water cylinder maintenance in West Auckland for many years. Give us a call, and we will happily come and check your hot water cylinder to see what maintenance might need to be done.


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Hot Water Cylinder Maintenance West Auckland

Hot Water Cylinder Replacements and Upgrades

Hot Water Cylinder Replacements and Upgrades

Hot Water Cylinder Replacements and Upgrades

Let’s face it, hot water cylinders are rarely a hot topic of conversation. For the most part, we forget about the hot water cylinder hidden away in the cupboard. And to be honest, that’s the way it ought to be. The only time we think about a hot water cylinder is when it doesn’t work properly. Even though you may have had regular servicing of the hot water cylinder, as with all other products, they do have a finite life and you will need to replace yours. This is where you might be in for a surprise given the massive technical advances of recent years. Since your last hot water cylinder, the advances in technology make it a great time to think about how you heat your hot water.

Conventional Electric Hot Water Cylinders

The traditional hot water cylinder works by having an electric element which continually heats all of the water in the cylinder to the desired temperature which is controlled by a thermostat. They can be expensive to operate, especially where there is a higher level of demand.  Yet there are many compelling reasons to stick with convention. First off, they are generally have a more affordable up-front installation cost than other types of water heater. However, ongoing running costs do tend to be higher than other heating methods.

Next, given the long-standing technology and understanding of this method, they are a reliable form of hot water heating system. Manufacturers, installers, and service people have improved each aspect over the years so that the basic technology and its maintenance are now ell understood. However, it does pay to talk to expert installers as the can give you good advice on the better brands of hot water cylinder, and those which will suit your own particular needs.

Ageing problems with hot water cylinders

Not every problem with a hot water cylinder means it is time to replace. The appliance is called on to work at all times, which is a lot of work. Sometimes pressure changes or changes in the heating are noted by homeowners and building owners. When this happens, contact a plumber to help nail down the issue, estimate the cost of repairs and parts, and weigh it against replacement.

Be aware that problems arise when the thermostat goes bad, or a valve gives up the ghost. Though, one often heard complaint is about a leaky water overflow valve. This will result when the water pressure is not regulated, read: too high. It forces water to back into the overflow. The inlet valve controls this trend, and can simply be partly shuttered to solve the problem.

Another potential problem is that of flooding as the cylinder leaks when it gets older. While this is almost inevitable over time, it can be prevented or delayed by following the manufacturer’s instructions on maintenance, and product replacement. Be sure to get a qualified plumber to regularly service your hot water cylinder. If there is any one item in the home to watch carefully, it is the hot water cylinder.  Now, it does not mean check in on it daily. The hot water cylinder has a set lifetime that it is expected to last. Depending on the condition of the water it could be 10 years, 15 years, or more.

Another relatively common problem is that of power cuts. In some parts of west Auckland and the North Shore, electrical power cuts are quite common. No electricity means you cannot heat more hot water.

Advances and upgrades in electric hot water systems

In recent times, it is now possible to have hot water cylinders that can be connected to solar panels. If your home uses a moderate to high volume of water, you could find that a solar powered hot water heater can give you operating cost savings. If you are thinking of using a more sustainable energy source, then this type of hot water cylinder will be better for you.

Bear in mind that the initial installation costs can be higher than with an electrically heated cylinder or gas flow water heater. There may also be issues with the amount of sunlight so a back-up gas or electrical option might be needed.

Upgrading or replacing hot water cylinders in west Auckland or the North Shore

At Heron Plumbing, we have one of the bigger teams of plumbers in the area. We are also approved agents for Rheem hot water cylinders, and are members of the Master Plumbers Association. With all of this, we can advise you on the best option for providing hot water for your home.  Be sure to call us on 09 836 4009 for advice on upgrading or replacing hot water cylinders in west Auckland.

Heron Plumbing

Choosing A New Replacement Hot Water Cylinder

Choosing A New Replacement Hot Water Cylinder

Choosing A New Replacement Hot Water Cylinder: What To Look For

A hot water cylinder is an absolute must in a home these days. The cylinder’s main work is to store hot water for use in bathrooms, kitchen, and for heating purposes. We don’t think about our hot water cylinder while it is working; we simply take it for granted but as soon as it stops working, we know about it for sure.

The first thing to do is call a registered plumber and preferably one that is a registered agent for the biggest hot water cylinder maker, Rheem. They will be able to help with repairing a hot water cylinder. They can also advise if it will be better to repair or to replace a hot water cylinder. As an agent of Rheem, they will also be able to help you select the most suitable hot water cylinder replacement for your particular circumstances.

Types of replacement hot water cylinder

Hot water cylinder replacement

Mains pressure hot water cylinder

How water cylinders come in various designs, forms, and shapes, which means you have to choose the most appropriate one for your home. Some of the key factors to consider when looking at a new hot water cylinder include energy efficiency, hot water capacity, size, etc. Determining the best and most suitable cylinder for your home can be intimidating at times. Here again, our plumbers have been trained by Rheem so they can give you the best advice on which cylinder will give you the best results for your home and family’s needs.

Since your original cylinder was installed, there have been many significant changes in technology and operating methods so you will almost certainly need some guidance about replacing a hot water cylinder.

Four ways of getting hot water

The most important consideration is the way in which your water is delivered.

The most common method is a Mains Pressure Storage system and the usual type of water heater for modern houses. Their ability to handle mains pressure means they can deliver full flow water to numerous rooms in the premises. They can work with all modern appliances and a broad array of different bathroom fittings.

North Shore plumbersFor older homes, a low-pressure water heater is common where full pressure mains water is not available. The efficiency of these has been consistently improved by using newer and better insulation materials in addition to using a vitreous enamel steel hot water cylinder.  This newer cylinder can provide more water pressure and is able to handle a bigger range of types of water.

A third option is for heat pumps although these aren’t hot water cylinders but if you need a replacement, your Rheem agent can advise you if this is a viable choice for you.

A fourth option is continuous-flow gas heaters, again these are not hot water cylinders and so are not considered for this article.

A Crucial Factor To Consider with Replacement Hot Water Cylinders

When you are replacing your hot water cylinder it is essential to take into account hot water safety. In short, this means that your hot water isn’t heated too high. Burns from excessively hot water re more common than you might imagine, especially with babies and young children.

Safe bathing water temperature

Recommended guidelines for hot water for a bath is around 38 degrees C. However, hot water needs to be stored at a minimum of 60 degs C to prevent the development and growth of bacteria such as Legionella. This means that a tempering valve must be fitted in the water-flow after the hot water cylinder to bring down the water temperature to a safe and acceptable level for delivery to baths, showers, or wash basins. Accredited agents and Master Plumbers will ensure that a tempering vale is fitted with any replacement Rheem hot water cylinders to ensure safe heated water throughout your home.

Vast Range of Replacement Hot Water Cylinders in Auckland

Replacement hot water cylinder

Low pressure hot water cylinder

There are many other factors to take into account when considering a replacement hot water cylinder.

For example:

  • How many people live in the home?
  • How many and what type of appliances do you have?
  • What type of power do you have – gas or electricity?
  • What type of gas do you use?
  • How much space is there in the home?
  • Can you use solar panels?

When you add all of these factors together, you arrive at a vast range of different hot water heating and storage variations. To make sense of it all and to find the best replacement hot water cylinder, you can call an Rheem agent and a registered Master Plumber like Heron Plumbing. Call us on 09 836 4009 for a no obligation chat about replacement hot waters cylinders in west Auckland.

Hot water cylinder upgrades

Hot water cylinder repair Albany

Hot water cylinder repair Albany

Hot Water Cylinder Repair, Albany Plumber Gives Some Tips

Hot water cylinder repair AlbanyIf your hot water cylinder stops working, you’ll need to find a very quick fix. No-one wants a cold shower in the morning. Hot water is one of life’s luxuries that we have come to expect on tap. Although it is unlikely that you will be able to it by yourself, you can go through a hot water cylinder repair checklist of issues, in order to see if you can find the reason why you don’t have hot water anymore.

The first thing to do when your hot water cylinder stops working is to check the fuse. Blown fuses are very easy to replace and this is one of the hot water cylinder fixes that you can do yourself. If this is the problem, fixing it is easy and you will have your hot water running again in just a few minutes.

Call in a professional hot water cylinder repair expert

Albany plumberNonetheless unless you know the cause for certain, it is still a good idea to call in a certified hot water cylinder repair plumbing service. They can replace your fuse but more importantly, they can detect what caused it to blow in the first place. This can save you a heap of money down the track. Sometimes, the culprit is the immersion heater element, as it can be affected by normal wear and tear. Some other times, the thermostat breaks, thus putting a lot of strain onto the tempering valve. If you ignore this issue for too long, the valve may also break, causing even bigger trouble.

Dirty hot water

In some situations, the water can be discoloured when it comes out of the tap or it can have a bad smell. If you notice that, you should stop using your heater, and contact a registered plumber or better still, a member of the Master Plumbers Association. If you know how to do it, you can try to flush your hot water heater tank. If this doesn’t solve your problem, you may have to install a water softener or to change the anode rod. As you can imagine, both these works ideally ought to be carried out by a trained plumber as they are technical jobs which are beyond the scope of most DIY-ers.

What type of hot water cylinder needs repairing?

Albany hot water cylinder repairThe ways for fixing the hot water cylinder depends on the type of heater you have installed. There are gas heaters and electric hot water heaters but in either case, a qualified plumber will be able to help. A well-trained plumber, especially if they are an approved agent for the brand of hot water cylinder such as Rheem, will have all the up-to-date data and skills to fix your hot water cylinder for you. However, you should be aware that hot water cylinders do have a lifespan, so the time will come when you will have to think about replacing yours with a new one. The plumber might be able to repair the water heater for now but at some stage it will need replacing. A plumber is the most qualified individual to tell you how to proceed and when to change your cylinder.

It pays to hire an approved hot water cylinder repair agent

Troubleshooting a hot water cylinder isn’t your average DIY job. If you don’t know how to do it, you should only perform a visual inspection, in order to be able to give the plumber some details on your problem. In case of leaks, the sooner you get help, the better, as these minor flaws can quickly develop into major problems that could trigger additional expenses and a lot of trouble

Last but not least, you can prevent such problems by performing regular inspections of the heating system. By detecting all malfunctions in their early stage, you can fix them with less money and effort

Hot water cylinder repair Albany

Replacement hot water cylinder


North Shore hot water cylinder service

North Shore hot water cylinder service

Hiring A North Shore Plumber To Fix Your Hot Water Cylinder

Hot water cylinders can malfunction if they are not maintained properly and in a timely manner. Fixing a hot water cylinder is not the ideal DIY job for a homeowner who doesn’t have the necessary experience in dealing with such issues. That’s where the services of a qualified plumber come in handy. A qualified plumber can do a much better job and save your time and money in the process. But how will you select the best plumber for the project? Here are important tips to consider when selecting the best plumber to fix all your hot water cylinder problems.

Two Ways to Assess a Plumber for Hot Water Cylinder Servicing

There are two very strong ways that you can use to decide if a plumber will be sufficiently trained and qualified to repair your hot water cylinder.

The first is, are they a Master Plumber? Any member of the Master Plumbers Gasfitters & Drainlayers NZ association undergoes a rigorous training and testing by the industry board, before they are granted the membership status. Hence, they have a better knowledge and experience in handling all types of repairs in your hot water cylinder. Also, a licensed plumber is adequately insured since they cannot apply for the license if they don’t have the required level of insurance. That way you need not fear to work with a licensed plumber since the insurance will pay if something goes wrong while the plumber is on the job. If not, you are liable for whatever injury caused to the plumber or damage caused to the property. In fact, you may have to pay through your nose if an unfortunate incident takes place while the plumber is attending to the job. Ask if they are a member when you call them.

North Shore hot water cylinder service

Rheem hot water cylinders

The second good way to see if a plumber is right to repair your hot water cylinder is to see if they are an approved agent of the manufacturer. Approved agents are trained by the manufacturer to be able to work on their specific hot water cylinders. In NZ, the biggest manufacturing supplier is Rheem. They ensure that any plumber that supplies, installs, services, and repairs their cylinders is kept up-to-date with their latest models and receives full training on each product.  This means that you can be confident that you are receiving the very best servicing for your hot water cylinder.

Tooled Up For Hot Water Cylinder Servicing

There are plenty of handymen who say they can fix your hot water cylinder but that’s not usually the case. A professional plumber has the right tools to deal with any type of hot water cylinder repairs. They have the latest tools in the industry which will help them perform the job much more efficiently compared to a handyman. That’s why you need to pick the right plumber to have peace of mind and a quality service at the same time. The problem arises when you go to pick the right contractor from the hundreds of plumbers in the area. How are you going to pick the right plumber on the market?

That’s where your extensive research is essential. You have to do the best possible research to find the right candidate for the job. Check Google for the best plumbing contractor in your area. You may come across a list of contractors functioning in the area for such a search. Don’t pick the first contractor on this list without doing proper research on the reputation and background of the plumbing company. That way you can pick a good plumber in the area to fix your hot water cylinder problem.

North Shore Hot Water Cylinder Service – Summary

North Shore commercial plumber

Commercial hot water cylinders

In conclusion, there are plenty of plumbers on the North Shore these days. However, not all these contractors are the same when it comes to the quality of hot water cylinder service they offer. That’s where your research is important. Make sure you perform your research when selecting the best plumbing and service company on the North Shore.

At Heron Plumbing, we are both Master Plumbers and also accredited agents for Rheem hot water cylinders. If you need a hot water cylinder repair on the North Shore, be sure to call us on 09 836 4009.

Hot water cylinder repair Albany

West Auckland Hot Water Cylinder Repair

West Auckland Hot Water Cylinder Repair

West Auckland Hot Water Cylinder Repair – Why You Need To Hire A Qualified Plumber

West Auckland Hot water cylindersWhen your hot water cylinder is not functioning properly, it might be tempting to call companies that advertise extensively on TV or the local papers. However, for people living in the Henderson and west Auckland area in general, it is much better to hire a qualified plumber that is trained by the manufacturing agents to repair a hot water cylinder.

Why do we suggest that it is better to hire qualified plumber for hot water cylinder repair?

Hot water cylinders are complex

First, a hot water cylinder is quite a sophisticated device. Not only does it have the obvious plumbing issues such as potential leaks in the skin of the cylinder, and leakages in the connecting joints, but it also involves quite complex electrical work too. We are all aware that water and electricity do not mix so it is vital that his work is carried out by fully trained and authorised personnel so that there are no faults further down the track which could result in such extreme problems as a house fire.

Are you hiring the right plumber to fix your hot water cylinder?

West Auckland hot water cylinder installationWith so many plumbers in west Auckland, how will you know the right plumber for the job? In fact, you should do your homework and be patient until you come across the right plumbing contractor for the project. Most homeowners make the mistake of choosing the first plumber they come across when looking for the plumbers in the area. This should be avoided at all cost if you want to pick the right plumber for the job. Do your search on Google but look over their website to make sure you are picking a qualified plumber to fix your hot water cylinder.

Is the company you hire for hot water cylinder repair actually a plumber?

Some companies are not hot water cylinder repairers but take enquiries from home-owners and then pass that repair job onto the cheapest plumber they can find in the area. So your cylinder is not in fact being fixed by the company you were expecting. This means that the plumber who comes to you probably is not even be fully trained to the standards of the Master Plumbers Association or the manufacturer.

Qualified hot water cylinder repair in Henderson

Most house-holders will at some stage, need to hire a plumber as a result many people decide to become a plumber as they know they will have a steady and regular job. However, that does not mean they are trained in all aspects of plumbing and certainly not to the highest standards. A Master Plumber on the other hand, is well-trained and experienced in handling all aspects of plumbing. They have received extensive training both in the training room and of course on the job alongside more experienced plumbers. In fact, they have to pass regular and rigorous assessment in order to obtain the Master Plumber’s accreditation. So if you hire a Master Plumber you can be confident you are hiring someone who has been accredited by the highest standards set by their industry peers.

Manufacturer trained for hot water cylinder repair in West Auckland

Hot water cylinder repair Albany

There can be no better training for any product than by the manufacturer or their approved agent.  In New Zealand, Rheem is the major, top quality hot water cylinder supplier. They are extremely good cylinders and are widely installed across the west Auckland area. However, few Master Plumbers have been trained by the Rheem agent so even though you might be looking at a Master Plumber, the chances are that they are not Rheem. At Heron Plumbing we are an officially approved Rheem agent and our plumbers receive full and regular training on all Rheem hot water cylinders.

Summing up hot water cylinder repair in west Auckland

In conclusion, a qualified and experienced plumbing contractor will do a much better job on your hot water cylinder than a handyman in the area. However, even that does not guarantee you that you will be paying someone who fully understands your hot water cylinder repair requirements. You can save a lot of time and money when you pick a manufacturer approved and trained plumber to fix the hot water cylinder.

If you have any problems, give us a call on 09 836 4009 and as we are the leading west Auckland hot water cylinder repair plumber.

North Shore hot water cylinder service

Hot water cylinder service and repair

Hot water cylinder service and repair

Why You Should Only Use Approved Agents To Service Your Hot Water Cylinder

Rheem hot water cylinders

Rheem hot water cylinders

Servicing your hot water cylinder regularly is very important, especially if you want the cylinder to last for a long time and to keep working. Therefore, you need a qualified person to service the hot water cylinder. There are so many plumbers that you can choose from, but the best ones are those that have been approved by the manufacturer

We are approved service agents for Rheem hot water cylinder replacement, service, or repair unlike many other operators in the field. Here are some of the best reasons why you need to use them

At Heron Plumbing, we are the New Zealand accredited agent for Rheem hot water cylinders. We have service and repair engineers specifically trained by Rheem themselves. We do not sub-contract the work to other untrained plumbers

Qualified service engineers, not sub-contractors

Firstly, approved agents and certified plumbers have undergone the necessary training from the manufacturers and they have been licensed to do the work. This means that they are the best at servicing or repairing hot water cylinders. Our plumbers can detect when the hot water cylinder is not working properly, and they will fix the problem quickly.

Master Plumber west AucklandYou will only be dealing with professionals, we are Master Plumbers too, when you use our accredited service and repair plumbers. They know their job. However, there are some servicing companies that have not been approved, and they will waste your time and money. They don’t know what they are doing, and often simply act as a marketing vehicle so they sub out the work to untrained plumbers. They do not service the hot water cylinder properly so be warned about hiring repair guys who are not approved by Rheem and other manufacturers.

A Good Hot Water Cylinder Repair or Servicing Job

Our service and rpepir plumbers do not simply do a quick job so they can move onto the next paying job. They have been highly trained, so they will take time when they are servicing your hot water cylinder. They know that they must do a proper job and if you are not satisfied, we will come back and make sure you are happy with the work.

But what happens if you look for someone who has not been doing this for a long time or who does not have the full training from the manufacturer? That company will do a terrible job and the hot water cylinder will not be serviced properly.

Easy to Reach Us For Hot Water Cylinder Repair

West Auckland commercial plumberOur plumbers are always in full mobile contact with us. We use GPS tracking so we can get our nearest trained plumber to you, quickly. This means that you can get your hot water cylinder repaired faster and have your water back on stream as soon as possible

Another good thing is that you know that we are a well-known West Auckland and North Shore plumbing company with many years experience. Our plumbers are trained in all aspects of plumbing and for hot water cylinders, our men go to Rheem themselves for regular training to make sure we do the best service or repair work for you.

If you have a hot water cylinder, it is a good idea to have it serviced once a year. This means we can spot any potential issues before your water goes cold or you cylinder springs a leak. Call us today on 09 836 4009 if you need a hot water cylinder repair or service in west Auckland or the North Shore.

West Auckland Hot Water Cylinder Repair