Choosing A New Replacement Hot Water Cylinder: What To Look For

A hot water cylinder is an absolute must in a home these days. The cylinder’s main work is to store hot water for use in bathrooms, kitchen, and for heating purposes. We don’t think about our hot water cylinder while it is working; we simply take it for granted but as soon as it stops working, we know about it for sure.

The first thing to do is call a registered plumber and preferably one that is a registered agent for the biggest hot water cylinder maker, Rheem. They will be able to help with repairing a hot water cylinder. They can also advise if it will be better to repair or to replace a hot water cylinder. As an agent of Rheem, they will also be able to help you select the most suitable hot water cylinder replacement for your particular circumstances.

Types of replacement hot water cylinder

Hot water cylinder replacement

Mains pressure hot water cylinder

How water cylinders come in various designs, forms, and shapes, which means you have to choose the most appropriate one for your home. Some of the key factors to consider when looking at a new hot water cylinder include energy efficiency, hot water capacity, size, etc. Determining the best and most suitable cylinder for your home can be intimidating at times. Here again, our plumbers have been trained by Rheem so they can give you the best advice on which cylinder will give you the best results for your home and family’s needs.

Since your original cylinder was installed, there have been many significant changes in technology and operating methods so you will almost certainly need some guidance about replacing a hot water cylinder.

Four ways of getting hot water

The most important consideration is the way in which your water is delivered.

The most common method is a Mains Pressure Storage system and the usual type of water heater for modern houses. Their ability to handle mains pressure means they can deliver full flow water to numerous rooms in the premises. They can work with all modern appliances and a broad array of different bathroom fittings.

North Shore plumbersFor older homes, a low-pressure water heater is common where full pressure mains water is not available. The efficiency of these has been consistently improved by using newer and better insulation materials in addition to using a vitreous enamel steel hot water cylinder.  This newer cylinder can provide more water pressure and is able to handle a bigger range of types of water.

A third option is for heat pumps although these aren’t hot water cylinders but if you need a replacement, your Rheem agent can advise you if this is a viable choice for you.

A fourth option is continuous-flow gas heaters, again these are not hot water cylinders and so are not considered for this article.

A Crucial Factor To Consider with Replacement Hot Water Cylinders

When you are replacing your hot water cylinder it is essential to take into account hot water safety. In short, this means that your hot water isn’t heated too high. Burns from excessively hot water re more common than you might imagine, especially with babies and young children.

Safe bathing water temperature

Recommended guidelines for hot water for a bath is around 38 degrees C. However, hot water needs to be stored at a minimum of 60 degs C to prevent the development and growth of bacteria such as Legionella. This means that a tempering valve must be fitted in the water-flow after the hot water cylinder to bring down the water temperature to a safe and acceptable level for delivery to baths, showers, or wash basins. Accredited agents and Master Plumbers will ensure that a tempering vale is fitted with any replacement Rheem hot water cylinders to ensure safe heated water throughout your home.

Vast Range of Replacement Hot Water Cylinders in Auckland

Replacement hot water cylinder

Low pressure hot water cylinder

There are many other factors to take into account when considering a replacement hot water cylinder.

For example:

  • How many people live in the home?
  • How many and what type of appliances do you have?
  • What type of power do you have – gas or electricity?
  • What type of gas do you use?
  • How much space is there in the home?
  • Can you use solar panels?

When you add all of these factors together, you arrive at a vast range of different hot water heating and storage variations. To make sense of it all and to find the best replacement hot water cylinder, you can call an Rheem agent and a registered Master Plumber like Heron Plumbing. Call us on 09 836 4009 for a no obligation chat about replacement hot waters cylinders in west Auckland.

Hot water cylinder upgrades

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