Save Money, Minimise Disruption, Call a Plumber for Commercial Plumbing Maintenance

 Business owners don’t often think of plumbing maintenance as a way to save significant amounts of money, but it is. They usually think of plumbing maintenance as an unnecessary expense Instead, think of the disruption to your business from a burst pipe, leaking toilets, or any one of a whole range of plumbing systems in your workplace. Commercial plumbing maintenance can certainly save you a lot of time, money, and stress. And plenty more – read on.


Plumbing Problems Can Affect Your Customers

At face value, the plumbing of the building shouldn’t have too much influence on the customer experience, but it does. Depending on the type of business you have, blocked toilets, or other plumbing problems can affect your customers. For instance, do you have customers that use the bathroom? Who wants to go to a flooded toilet? This can soon turn away your customers. Similarly, if your business is reliant on a continuous water supply to service your customers such as a café, restaurant, or hotel, you absolutely do not want any disruption to your water supply.

With commercial plumbing maintenance in West Auckland, we can come to check your services, provide any necessary maintenance with minimum disruption. This way you shouldn’t have to worry about the customer bathrooms not being functional, or a loss of water supply.

Bad Plumbing Influences Employee Work Conditions

There are many ways plumbing problems can cause problems for your staff. Obvious ones such as blocked toilets, or a burst pipe with water all over the floor will clearly affect your staff. But others include counter-top water heaters like a Zenith for drinks. Imagine the grumpy staff if they can’t make a coffee. Planned plumbing maintenance can save these problems.

Plumbing Problems Can Interfere With Productivity

A burst pipe can cause a lot of damage and be expensive to fix, although your insurance might cover and damage or emergency plumber costs. But perhaps an even bigger cost is the unseen one from the loss of productivity.

For instance, a pipe burst can make it difficult for people to work, but there is also the “news” factor with people talking about the problem. While they are talking, they are not working.  An experienced plumber can check your pipes, toilets, and other plumbing appliances to test joints, controllers, and the infrastructure making sure they are healthy, nothing is blocked, and the water stays where it should – in the pipes. Commercial plumbing maintenance can prevent these disruptions expensive losses of productivity.

Plumbing Problems Can Cause Health and Safety Problems

Plumbing problems can build up, often unseen, over time.  A burst waste pipe from a toilet is something you definitely don’t want at work. What if the water heater decides to explode?

You want to think about the health and safety hazards that might come from plumbing problems.

It’s bad enough if your staff are affected but what about customers? Think of the bad press and damage to your reputation if your plumbing has caused a water-based infection to your customers.

Getting your water appliances, pipes etc tested regularly can avoid big potential problems like these.

Commercial Plumbing Maintenance Is Not An Expense

Commercial plumbing maintenance isn’t just a nice idea, or an unnecessary expense.  Consider it an insurance policy.

If you have the plumbing in your business or commercial premises maintained you can:-

  • Keep your customers satisfied
  • Reduce health and safety problems
  • Avoid expensive bad press
  • Look after staff welfare
  • Preserve staff productivity
  • Minimise business disruption

All of these can be taken into account if you look at commercial plumbing maintenance.

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