Save Thousands Of Dollars With Regular Hot Water Cylinder Maintenance

If your home is serviced by a hot water cylinder system as opposed to a combi-boiler or continuous flow boiler, the importance of regular maintenance cannot be overstated. If you hire a plumber for hot water cylinder maintenance, you can literally save yourself thousands of dollars.


Here’s how.

Extend The Life Of Your Hot Water Cylinder

A new hot water cylinder can cost upwards of $1,500 plus installation costs. It makes sense therefore to get as much economically usable life from your hot water cylinder as possible. Just like your car, regular servicing and maintenance will help you achieve that.


A hot water cylinder service call can help the plumber spot, and then fix any maintenance issues while they are relatively small and fixable. For example, there may be small spots of corrosion on the boiler surface. If these are caught early enough, the plumber can treat these so they don’t break down completely.


Similarly, the thermostat may suddenly stop working. That mean now hot water. A regular check means our plumbers can carry out often simple maintenance on the thermostat on your hot water cylinder ensuring you have continuous hot water in your home.


Household Damage From A Leaking Hot Water Cylinder

When a hot water cylinder bursts or develops a significant leak, this can cause a lot of damage to you home.  This can be damaged ceilings, walls, floors or cabinetry. The amount of damage will vary depending on where your cylinder is located. For example, if your hot water cylinder is in the loft, imagine the damage that will cause to the lower floors of your home as water leaks out. Water flows a long way.


Even if the leaks or drips are found before they can cause too much damage, they will certainly create a mess, and plenty of unwanted stress.


Lower Your Electricity Bills With HWC Maintenance

A poorly maintained hot water cylinder will undoubtedly cost you more to run. Deposits can build up around the heating element making it less efficient meaning it will need to draw more electricity to heat your water.


On the other hand, a well-maintained hot water cylinder system will be much more efficient, which means you can save money on your household’s annual energy bills.


The insulation of your hot water cylinder might be old too. That means that heat is escaping from the tank, which means the water has to be heated more than necessary. A simple check on the insulation and easy maintenance can pay for itself in one winter.


Hot Water Cylinder Maintenance

At Heron Plumbing we have been providing hot water cylinder maintenance in West Auckland for many years. Give us a call, and we will happily come and check your hot water cylinder to see what maintenance might need to be done.


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Hot Water Cylinder Maintenance West Auckland

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