Why You Should Only Use Approved Agents To Service Your Hot Water Cylinder

Rheem hot water cylinders

Rheem hot water cylinders

Servicing your hot water cylinder regularly is very important, especially if you want the cylinder to last for a long time and to keep working. Therefore, you need a qualified person to service the hot water cylinder. There are so many plumbers that you can choose from, but the best ones are those that have been approved by the manufacturer

We are approved service agents for Rheem hot water cylinder replacement, service, or repair unlike many other operators in the field. Here are some of the best reasons why you need to use them

At Heron Plumbing, we are the New Zealand accredited agent for Rheem hot water cylinders. We have service and repair engineers specifically trained by Rheem themselves. We do not sub-contract the work to other untrained plumbers

Qualified service engineers, not sub-contractors

Firstly, approved agents and certified plumbers have undergone the necessary training from the manufacturers and they have been licensed to do the work. This means that they are the best at servicing or repairing hot water cylinders. Our plumbers can detect when the hot water cylinder is not working properly, and they will fix the problem quickly.

Master Plumber west AucklandYou will only be dealing with professionals, we are Master Plumbers too, when you use our accredited service and repair plumbers. They know their job. However, there are some servicing companies that have not been approved, and they will waste your time and money. They don’t know what they are doing, and often simply act as a marketing vehicle so they sub out the work to untrained plumbers. They do not service the hot water cylinder properly so be warned about hiring repair guys who are not approved by Rheem and other manufacturers.

A Good Hot Water Cylinder Repair or Servicing Job

Our service and rpepir plumbers do not simply do a quick job so they can move onto the next paying job. They have been highly trained, so they will take time when they are servicing your hot water cylinder. They know that they must do a proper job and if you are not satisfied, we will come back and make sure you are happy with the work.

But what happens if you look for someone who has not been doing this for a long time or who does not have the full training from the manufacturer? That company will do a terrible job and the hot water cylinder will not be serviced properly.

Easy to Reach Us For Hot Water Cylinder Repair

West Auckland commercial plumberOur plumbers are always in full mobile contact with us. We use GPS tracking so we can get our nearest trained plumber to you, quickly. This means that you can get your hot water cylinder repaired faster and have your water back on stream as soon as possible

Another good thing is that you know that we are a well-known West Auckland and North Shore plumbing company with many years experience. Our plumbers are trained in all aspects of plumbing and for hot water cylinders, our men go to Rheem themselves for regular training to make sure we do the best service or repair work for you.

If you have a hot water cylinder, it is a good idea to have it serviced once a year. This means we can spot any potential issues before your water goes cold or you cylinder springs a leak. Call us today on 09 836 4009 if you need a hot water cylinder repair or service in west Auckland or the North Shore.

West Auckland Hot Water Cylinder Repair


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