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 Latest News   Contact Info 0800 888 287146 Central Park DrHendersonAuckland0612Open 24 HoursPhone : 09 836 4009Freefone: 0800 888 287Fax : 09 836 1220E-mail : admin@heronplumbing.co.nzCall: (0800) 888-287 A Plumber Isn’t Just For Emergencies

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Local West Auckland Plumber For Toilet Replacement

Local West Auckland Plumber For Toilet Replacement Or Repair Without doubt, one the main needs in a house is a working toilet. You may be living in an older home, the toilet keeps getting blocked, maybe it drips after it has been flushed, or perhaps it is a 1970s...

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Hot Water Cylinder Maintenance West Auckland

Save Thousands Of Dollars With Regular Hot Water Cylinder Maintenance If your home is serviced by a hot water cylinder system as opposed to a combi-boiler or continuous flow boiler, the importance of regular maintenance cannot be overstated. If you hire a plumber for...

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Plumber To Repair Leaking Taps

Don’t Delay Calling A Plumber To Repair Leaking Taps If you have a leaking or dripping tap, it is all too easy just ignore it as a minor inconvenience. However, ignoring your leaking tap can, in time, cause significant damage that may well surpass the cost of hiring a...

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Lazer Water Boiler

Five Key Reasons To Pick A Lazer Water Boiler There are many ways to produce boiling water for workplaces ranging from a simple jug or kettle to over-bench water boilers. However, older heating systems are inefficient, consume too much power, leave a bigger carbon...

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Commercial Plumbing Maintenance For West Auckland

Save Money, Minimise Disruption, Call a Plumber for Commercial Plumbing Maintenance  Business owners don’t often think of plumbing maintenance as a way to save significant amounts of money, but it is. They usually think of plumbing maintenance as an unnecessary...

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West Auckland Plumber For Tap Replacement

Tap Replacement - Why You Need A Plumber For Replacing Taps There are many reasons why people want a tap replacement – it’s an old style, it leaks, it’s been damaged, and so on. Many people are tempted to replace a tap themselves. It’s an easy job isn’t it? You turn...

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West Auckland Water Backflow Maintenance

West Auckland Water Backflow Systems Maintenance  Water backflow systems are intended to stop cross-contamination of water with foul water flowing back into a potable water system, Clearly, if you have foul water flowing into your water supply, that can cause all...

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Domestic Plumbing Maintenance – West Auckland

Why You Need A Professional Plumber For Domestic Plumbing Maintenance In this era of the Internet where information on any topic is readily available, many homeowners are tempted to do their own plumbing maintenance, especially those who are keen DIY-ers.  You can...

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After-hours North Shore Plumber

Times When You Might Need An After-hours North Shore Plumber People have busy lives, and for many couples, both are out during the day at work. This makes it difficult to arrange for workers to come out to fix problems in your home.  For example, if you have a...

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Hot Water Cylinder Replacements and Upgrades

Hot Water Cylinder Replacements and Upgrades Let's face it, hot water cylinders are rarely a hot topic of conversation. For the most part, we forget about the hot water cylinder hidden away in the cupboard. And to be honest, that’s the way it ought to be. The only...

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West Auckland Water Main Replacement

West Auckland Water Main Replacements - Reasons Why You Might Need One A water main isn’t something most householders think about until something goes wrong and when it goes wrong, that can be very expensive to repair or replace. If there is a leak anywhere between...

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Rheem Under-bench Chillers And Boilers

Do You Want Filtered, Boiling, Or Chilled Water In Your Workplace? Many offices, and other workplaces want a continuous supply of boiling and chilled water. You organisation might be medical premises, a large office, or a small hotel, whichever, having the endless...

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Zenith Water Boilers – In West Auckland & North Shore

Zenith Water Boilers - In West Auckland For Instant Boiling Water Life is busy and we know the old proverb, “A watched kettle never boils.” Business owners and operators don’t want their staff wasting time waiting for a kettle to boil. One answer  for fast, boiling...

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Installing a Lazer Rheem Eco Water Heater

Reasons To Buy A Lazer Rheem Eco Water Heater In a work or public environment people might want to have heated water, for example in a workplace, or a sports club, or a motel room. In these situations, a hot water cylinder isn’t the best option. Instead a continuous...

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West Auckland Bathroom Renovations Plumber

Bathroom Renovations - Why You Need A Professional Plumber Upgrading your bathroom is one of the best ways of adding value to your home. It is also one of the two most important factors when it comes to selling your home, along with the state of the front door.  With...

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Choosing A New Replacement Hot Water Cylinder

Choosing A New Replacement Hot Water Cylinder: What To Look For A hot water cylinder is an absolute must in a home these days. The cylinder's main work is to store hot water for use in bathrooms, kitchen, and for heating purposes. We don’t think about our hot water...

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Hot water cylinder repair Albany

Hot Water Cylinder Repair, Albany Plumber Gives Some Tips If your hot water cylinder stops working, you'll need to find a very quick fix. No-one wants a cold shower in the morning. Hot water is one of life’s luxuries that we have come to expect on tap. Although it is...

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North Shore hot water cylinder service

Hiring A North Shore Plumber To Fix Your Hot Water Cylinder Hot water cylinders can malfunction if they are not maintained properly and in a timely manner. Fixing a hot water cylinder is not the ideal DIY job for a homeowner who doesn't have the necessary experience...

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West Auckland Hot Water Cylinder Repair

West Auckland Hot Water Cylinder Repair - Why You Need To Hire A Qualified Plumber When your hot water cylinder is not functioning properly, it might be tempting to call companies that advertise extensively on TV or the local papers. However, for people living in the...

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Blocked drains in Albany

A Beginner's Guide To Clearing Blocked Drains One of those unwanted eventualities to occur in almost every home is the blocked drain.  Caused by hair, soap and other types of blocking agents; the blocked drain is an obstacle that can result regularly if a person...

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Wairau Park Plumber

Choosing A Reliable Plumber In The Wairau Park Area There may come a time when you have issues with your plumbing, whether it's a clogged sink, leaking pipe, or a blocked toilet. Sometimes people want to fix these issues but, more often than not, especially for...

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Henderson Gas-Fitter

Use A Qualified Henderson Gas-Fitter Warning Gas installation can be dangerous and must never be attempted by an amateur. Most people realise this and so look for a qualified Henderson gas-fitter but there are many cheap options available but, to be honest, they are...

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Hot water cylinder service and repair

Why You Should Only Use Approved Agents To Service Your Hot Water Cylinder Servicing your hot water cylinder regularly is very important, especially if you want the cylinder to last for a long time and to keep working. Therefore, you need a qualified person to service...

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