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Without doubt, one the main needs in a house is a working toilet. You may be living in an older home, the toilet keeps getting blocked, maybe it drips after it has been flushed, or perhaps it is a 1970s olive green. Maybe now is the time to replace a toilet in your bathroom.

Choosing A Replacement Toilet

There are three main steps in replacing a toilet. They are:

  1. Aesthetics
  2. Water usage
  3. Installation


Here are some thoughts on those three steps.


The Aesthetics Of A Replacement Toilet

As plumbers, we can’t really advise on the look or style of toilet you want. You know the colour scheme, and the style you are looking for. However, what we can do is advise on the type of toilet to suit your bathroom.


There are essentially three types of replacement toilet:


  • Close coupled where the pan and cistern hide the flush pipe.
  • Wall-hung toilets which are very modern in appearance and don’t have a floor mounted pedestal.
  • Wall-faced toilets which take up less space.


We can advise on the type that will work for your bathroom.


Reducing Your Water Bill

The toilet in an average house consumes about 30% of the total water consumption. With the increasing cost of water in West Auckland, any increase in water efficiency will be welcome.


Modern replacement toilets have three- or four-star water efficiency ratings. The difference between their performance is considerable.


For example, a 3-star rating will consume 6 litres for a full flush or 3 litres for a half-flush. A 4-star toilet will consume four litres for a full flush.


In an average household that can be up to 50 litres less per person per day.


So, it makes sense to choose a replacement toilet wisely. If you are unsure, we can advise which toilet system will give you the best water efficiency to lower your water bills.


Installing A Replacement Toilet

The aspect we can help with most is installing a replacement toilet. We are the leading plumbers in West Auckland and have been providing plumbing service since 1961.


There have been horror stories about some plumbers ripping-off customers with exorbitant bills, unagreed items, inflated materials costs. That will never happen with our toilet replacement service.


We visit your home, look at your situation, and give you a written quote of the work and materials you will need. If there is any change, we will only carry-out the work with your agreement so that there are no nasty surprises in your final bill.


And of course, you are covered by the guarantee for our work.


If you want a replacement toilet, we can help. Whether you want to know the type of toilet to look for, the water efficiency of different models, and of course the installation with replacing a toilet, we can help.


Call Heron Plumbing on 0800 888287 to talk about replacing a toilet in the West Auckland area.


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