Regular Maintenance and Replacement of Filters Essential for Commercial Water Filters

We all need clean, potable water and for businesses, especially those in the hospitality or healthcare industries, good quality water is essential. Many businesses in Auckland rely on Watercare to provide that water but increasingly people are concerned about the quality of public water; many do not like the idea of fluoridation. Further, for some industries, such as cafes, people want pure water so that it gives a better taste to the coffee they offer. For those people who want pure, untainted water, fitting a commercial water filter is the answer. There are numerous types of water filters but for all of them one thing is certain; commercial water filters need to be replaced and maintained regularly.

Commercial water filter replacement west AucklandCommercial establishments that are dependent on the use of water, especially those in the hospitality business, need to install proper commercial water filters and make sure that they work efficiently for extended hours.

The main requirement of a commercial water filter

In short, a commercial water filter is the same as a regular, residential water filter, except that it has a greater capacity. Also, given the higher demand for clean, potable water, it is essential that a commercial water filter you have installed is reliable. You cannot afford to have your clean water supply stop working, be erratic in operation, or not be able to cope with the volume of water that you put through the water filtration system.

Operating costs of a commercial water filter

Any water filter system you install needs to be reasonably priced, however, as with all other products, cheap rarely equates to good value. For example, a breakdown in a water filter can lead to loss of productivity which can be very costly to your business and also the reputation of your company. It must also be easy to maintain, look after, and have reasonably priced replacement parts. We know that computer printers are low-cost but we spend a lot on replacement ink toners. You don’t want to get stuck in a similar situation with your enterprise water filtration system. Be sure that the replacement filters are affordable, but reliable, and have a useful life or capacity.

Reducing operating costs and extending machinery operating life

Commercial water filters can also help to extend the life of machinery and equipment that rely on a good water supply. For example, a water filter can help to prevent the build-up of scale which will lower the operating efficiency of the machine. This in turn can lead to increased downtime, and higher repair costs. An effective, and reliable water filter system, will extend your operating time, and lower your maintenance costs.

What to look for in a commercial water filter

North Shore commercial water filter replacementThere are a few key points to consider besides the obvious operating capacity for your business. For example, having the ability to flush the filter by means of backwashing or some other method to clear the filter, will keep it working efficiently. To make sure your water filter is operating efficiently, you can install timers that can automatically flush the filters, or have monitoring systems which check for differential pressures that indicate the need for the flushing.

Commercial filter systems are meant to handle large quantities of water, some even a million litres of water per day. They must be able to remove chemicals and chlorine or any other contaminants in the water that can have an effect on the commercial processes in use with that water.

The filter systems can have cartridges or beds of filter material that need to be periodically flushed and replaced at regular intervals to ensure that the capacity of the installed filters to purify the water is not reduced.

Why should you replace commercial water filters?

However, despite regular cleaning of the filter, it will eventually need to be replaced or an indication that calls for replacement. There are numerous reasons to replace the filters in your water filtration system.

When filters are not changed and scale builds up, it can lead to the formation of algae, and this makes the water unsafe. In other situations, a build-up in the filter can lead to corrosion that can lead to damage to your machinery or equipment.

Don’t wait for trouble with your commercial water filter

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If your establishment isn’t big enough to warrant the installation of automatic detection systems do not wait for trouble with your water filters. You definitely do not want to be serving algae infected water to your customers. It’s much better to have a schedule of regular cleaning and replacement of filters.

Regular changes of filters, and other maintenance of the water filtration system will ensure that all water-fed equipment, and processes are safe, and will not lead to breakdowns or even health problems. It is also important to regularly monitor the quality of water to ensure that the filters are working efficiently and the required level in both terms of quantity and quality.

Regular testing and replacement of commercial water filters in West Auckland, North Shore.

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