Replacing A Toilet? Hire A Qualified West Auckland Plumber

In times when money is tight and you want or need to upgrade your home, there’s always the temptation to take a cheap route. It’s easy enough to go online and look up the instructions, or go to your local DIY store and pick up a guide for those little jobs that we need done around the home. For many jobs this is a sound approach for some jobs which are non-critical but for other tasks, it can be a dangerous and very expensive choice.

DIY is free but is expensive

DIY can be a great approach, saving you a significant amount of money to outlay. Many jobs look easy so why spend all that money on hiring a pro?

Take for instance plumbing. Although an experienced plumber may make changing a tap or fitting bathroom fixtures look easy there’s a god, and expensive, reason for that.

A professional plumber has usually been in the business for years and earned that speed over a long time. Alternatively, they will have undergone months or years of training and he or she will usually have a diploma and accreditation to show that they have had formal training and are up to date with the latest techniques, tools and approaches. When they change a tap in your home, it is not the first time they will have done it.  What they make look like child’s play might be much more complex than it looks.

No room for trial and error with plumbing

With plumbing, this level expertise and experience is essential. With plumbing the margin for error can be incredibly small. Make a single mistake and you may be looking at a bill for thousands of dollars to repair the damage. A dripping pipe doesn’t immediately cause a problem but over time, it can lead to rotten floors, walls, ceilings, and more. And remember if you take on the job as an unskilled amateur and something does go wrong it’s possible that your insurance company is not going to come to your rescue.

The thing about plumbing is that the entire system in your home is connected. A mistake in one area can have a knock-on effect. Not only (as mentioned) can this be expensive but it will also almost certainly lead to a lot of inconvenience.

Take for example replacing a toilet.

Replacing a toilet

West Auckland plumbing

Two of our plumbers

There are many reasons that you might want to replace an old toilet.  This can range from simply replacing a damaged toilet bowl, to a full-scale bathroom renovation and upgrade, but this is definitely one of the instances where you would be well advised to call in a professional plumber.

Firstly, the plumber will be able to quickly install and replace a toilet. As we mentioned above, our plumbers have years of experience replacing toilet cisterns in west Auckland.

Secondly, they will get it right. There will not be any drips, leaks, or problems with flushing the toilet when it is installed by a qualified plumber. Can a DIYer guarantee that? At Heron Plumbing we guarantee all of our work so you be confident that any job will be completed accurately, with no ongoing cost to you.

Third, and often overlooked by keen DIYers is that we buy in bulk and as a result, we can often give a better price for equivalent toilets, or other bathroom ware.

Lastly, a reputable plumber will carry insurance to give you that peace of mind that is so important when replacing a toilet or any other fixture in the bathroom. As a member of the Master Plumbers Association, we are required to carry liability insurance so you are covered in any event of an accident.

Looking for a plumber in west Auckland to replace a toilet

North Shore plumber toilet replacementSo what should you be looking for when you’re in the market for a plumber to replace a toilet?

Firstly, make sure that the person that you select is accredited by a local or national authority such as the Master Plumbers Association. In this way you know that are going to get a qualified, well-trained, professional plumber. Also get a written quote – that way you won’t be in for any nasty surprises. Also if you have a big project, ask for contactable references who will vouch for the levels of professionalism from that plumbing company. If the plumber can also supply images or videos of projects that he or she has worked on in the past that would be great.

All-in-all the name of the game is to ensure that the repairs or replacement of a toilet take place in a timely fashion, for a reasonable price, giving you good value for money compared to a cheap DIY job. Hire a professional so you don’t lose any sleep over whether the job has been done right.

For a quote for a toilet replacement in west Auckland, call us on 09 836 4009.

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