Bathroom Renovations – Why You Need A Professional Plumber

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Upgrading your bathroom is one of the best ways of adding value to your home. It is also one of the two most important factors when it comes to selling your home, along with the state of the front door.  With those thoughts in mind, it makes sense to make sure you have the best bathroom renovation you can.  While you might be able to carry out decorating, or installing new cabinetry, the plumbing is a job that really ought to be left to a professional plumber.

Bathroom Renovations – Adding Value To Your Home

Research has shown that there are two rooms where renovation can significantly add to the value of a home – the kitchen and the bathroom. However, when renovating either of these rooms there really isn’t a lot of room for error. This is because, when potential buyers are looking at your home, they make very quick decisions based mostly on the standard of the bathroom and kitchen. As a result, these types of renovations are not usually DIY projects. Even if you are experienced in other DIY jobs, the scale and difficulties plus the critical requirement for no errors or deficiencies, means that these renovations are jobs for professionals.

In the case of bathroom renovations this is especially so. There are numerous ways that things could go wrong, and when you’re dealing with plumbing a mistake, that could end up costing thousands of dollars to rectify. That’s not even counting the headache of severe inconvenience while the various interconnected plumbing systems are brought back to life.

Insurance Cover For Your Bathroom Renovation

West Auckland bathroom renovationThere are numerous other reasons that getting a professional plumber in to help out with bathroom renovations is a good idea. One of the main ones being that a professional plumber has insurance that will allow you to sleep peacefully at night. If something does go wrong, you know that you will not be the one footing the bill. You can also be sure that those mistakes can be fixed quickly and efficiently, allowing you to get on with your life without added insurance claims and related headaches.

Choosing a Plumber for a Bathroom Renovation

However, just as with most service providers all plumbers are not created equal. There are certain things that you can do to ensure that the plumber you retain is able to complete the job with a minimum of fuss and bother.

Firstly you should make sure that the plumber is able to supply contactable references if they are an independent contractor. there are numerous fly-by-night service providers so being able to contact a reference is essential.

Secondly the plumber should be able to provide examples of renovation projects that they have undertaken. If they can supply images of the finished project that’s even better.

Master PlumberThirdly the plumber should be accredited and qualified, preferably being a member of the Master Plumbers Association. Ask to see the relevant paperwork to ensure that you are dealing with a professional.

Finally always ask for a written quote. It’s a common experience when this step is ignored to get a nasty shock when the bill arrives.

A Plumber Can Save You Money

A qualified and professional plumber will also be able to source fixtures, hot water cylinders, and other materials at a significant discount compared to the price you will pay at a hardware warehouse store.  The plumber will also have a much better idea of the amount of material they will need than a DIYer. This will save you wasted materials, and of course, money.

No Room For Error in a Bathroom Renovation

Given that most of the materials in a bathroom renovation such as pipes and joints are hidden away, this makes them difficult to reach. This means that any repairs will be difficult. As a result, it makes sense then that you have a top-class job in the first place to reduce the likelihood of needing and repair work. This small but significant point, is another strong reason to hire a plumber for your bathroom renovations.

Latest Ideas in Bathroom Fixtures and Fittings

North Shore bathroom renovations plumberMany of our customers are surprised how bathroom fixtures and fittings have changed in recent years. Water heating systems are now much more efficient, often needing less space than people think. Tapware, whiteware, and heating systems have also changed significantly. As we work with these new products all the time, we can suggest different styles and types suitable for different locations, or bathroom sizes.

West Auckland and North Shore Bathroom Renovations Plumber

If you are thinking of a bathroom renovation job, give us a call on 09 836 4009, and we will be happy to give you some pointers on design, components, and time-scale. We have plumbers operating across west Auckland from our Henderson head office, and up through all of the North Shore up to and beyond Albany. We look forward to helping you on your bathroom renovation project.

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