West Auckland Hot Water Cylinder Repair – Why You Need To Hire A Qualified Plumber

West Auckland Hot water cylindersWhen your hot water cylinder is not functioning properly, it might be tempting to call companies that advertise extensively on TV or the local papers. However, for people living in the Henderson and west Auckland area in general, it is much better to hire a qualified plumber that is trained by the manufacturing agents to repair a hot water cylinder.

Why do we suggest that it is better to hire qualified plumber for hot water cylinder repair?

Hot water cylinders are complex

First, a hot water cylinder is quite a sophisticated device. Not only does it have the obvious plumbing issues such as potential leaks in the skin of the cylinder, and leakages in the connecting joints, but it also involves quite complex electrical work too. We are all aware that water and electricity do not mix so it is vital that his work is carried out by fully trained and authorised personnel so that there are no faults further down the track which could result in such extreme problems as a house fire.

Are you hiring the right plumber to fix your hot water cylinder?

West Auckland hot water cylinder installationWith so many plumbers in west Auckland, how will you know the right plumber for the job? In fact, you should do your homework and be patient until you come across the right plumbing contractor for the project. Most homeowners make the mistake of choosing the first plumber they come across when looking for the plumbers in the area. This should be avoided at all cost if you want to pick the right plumber for the job. Do your search on Google but look over their website to make sure you are picking a qualified plumber to fix your hot water cylinder.

Is the company you hire for hot water cylinder repair actually a plumber?

Some companies are not hot water cylinder repairers but take enquiries from home-owners and then pass that repair job onto the cheapest plumber they can find in the area. So your cylinder is not in fact being fixed by the company you were expecting. This means that the plumber who comes to you probably is not even be fully trained to the standards of the Master Plumbers Association or the manufacturer.

Qualified hot water cylinder repair in Henderson

Most house-holders will at some stage, need to hire a plumber as a result many people decide to become a plumber as they know they will have a steady and regular job. However, that does not mean they are trained in all aspects of plumbing and certainly not to the highest standards. A Master Plumber on the other hand, is well-trained and experienced in handling all aspects of plumbing. They have received extensive training both in the training room and of course on the job alongside more experienced plumbers. In fact, they have to pass regular and rigorous assessment in order to obtain the Master Plumber’s accreditation. So if you hire a Master Plumber you can be confident you are hiring someone who has been accredited by the highest standards set by their industry peers.

Manufacturer trained for hot water cylinder repair in West Auckland

Hot water cylinder repair Albany

There can be no better training for any product than by the manufacturer or their approved agent.  In New Zealand, Rheem is the major, top quality hot water cylinder supplier. They are extremely good cylinders and are widely installed across the west Auckland area. However, few Master Plumbers have been trained by the Rheem agent so even though you might be looking at a Master Plumber, the chances are that they are not Rheem. At Heron Plumbing we are an officially approved Rheem agent and our plumbers receive full and regular training on all Rheem hot water cylinders.

Summing up hot water cylinder repair in west Auckland

In conclusion, a qualified and experienced plumbing contractor will do a much better job on your hot water cylinder than a handyman in the area. However, even that does not guarantee you that you will be paying someone who fully understands your hot water cylinder repair requirements. You can save a lot of time and money when you pick a manufacturer approved and trained plumber to fix the hot water cylinder.

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