Tap Replacement – Why You Need A Plumber For Replacing Taps

There are many reasons why people want a tap replacement – it’s an old style, it leaks, it’s been damaged, and so on. Many people are tempted to replace a tap themselves. It’s an easy job isn’t it? You turn off the water, unscrew the old tap, replace it with a new tap, and turn the water back on. However, it is not that easy, and it is definitely not advisable. Here we talk about some of the likely problems with a DIY job and why you should hire a plumber for tap replacement.


Making Sure The Tap Replacement Job Is Done Properly

The first reason why you should call in a plumber to help you with tap replacement is getting the job done properly.  This sounds simple but in fact, it is surprising how many DIY tap replacement jobs leak, even from experienced DIY-ers. The problem is that leaks are not always immediately visible. The new tap and pipe connections can be dripping for weeks or months before you spot the pool of water under the kitchen bench or the bathroom cabinets. By that stage, who knows how much damage has been caused to your floor, cabinets, or walls?


Not to mention the excess water you have paid for.


Saving a few dollars on having a trained plumber install your new taps will pale into insignificance to fix all the damage that a badly installed tap can cause.


A Quicker Result By Knowing What To Do

We install new taps every week so we know what to do. A keen amateur will have to either learn or remind themselves what they need to do. This takes time and inevitably causes disruption to your family life. A professional plumber like our staff will most likely have the tap replacement job finished in a couple of hours rather than dragging on all morning, or even longer.


If the job is more complex, the chances of a DIY-er knowing what to do, get worse. What happens if there is a cross-thread? What about a damaged pipe? And many more unforeseen issues that crop up with replacing a tap. If you were to fix these problems by yourself, you may need at least a few days to figure out what the problem is, then find the right solution, let alone actually fixing the issue.


Our trained, experienced plumbers can get your problem sorted out quickly and without any hassle.


Guaranteed Tap Replacement Work

Another reason why you should hire an experienced plumber to help you with tap replacement is the warranty you get on the workmanship. All of our work is guaranteed, If you try to replace a tap yourself, there is no guarantee that the job will either be successful, or will last the test of time.


What if you replace the tap by yourself and it starts leaking the next day? You’ll have to redo the work and perhaps find a plumber to help you. This will only generate hassle and additional costs that could have been avoided by hiring an expert in the first place.



Perhaps the biggest reason to hire a plumber to replace a tap is having the proper insurance coverage. If your own work causes water damage, it is highly unlikely that your insurance company will cover all of your repair costs. Incoming under greater scrutiny.


If a tap that you have replaced on your own leaks over time, that will cause damage to your floor, walls, cabinets etc. In this situation it is almost certain that you will not be covered by insurance. This is known as gradual damage and insurance companies rarely cover that these days.


However, Heron Plumbing is a member of the Master Plumbers Association. This means we have to have various insurance policies. These include coverage for damage during the job, cover for damage to other properties, plus we also have the ongoing guarantee coverage.


Having The Right Tools For Tap Replacement

The average homeowner may have some tools in the garage, but plumbing requires special accessories and equipment you may not have. While some people try to do the work with the tools they happen to have in the house, some of these plumbing fixtures will be difficult if not impossible to remove without the proper equipment. Even if you manage to do the job, you’ll need take much longer, potentially damage pipes etc, and you’ll probably create a bigger mess than a professional who has the right tools, and knows how to use them.


If something breaks, you’ll still need to call in a plumber to restore your home to its original status. This is going to cost you anyway, so why not do such things properly, quickly, and cheaper from the very beginning?


Tap Replacement

You may think replacing a tap is no big deal. In fact, this isn’t your average DIY job, so you should be very careful about it. Water can be dangerous, so you should avoid turning a minor issue into a big problem that’s going to need even more money and time to fix, call us on 0800 888287 to replace your taps.


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