Zenith Water Boilers – In West Auckland For Instant Boiling Water

Life is busy and we know the old proverb, “A watched kettle never boils.” Business owners and operators don’t want their staff wasting time waiting for a kettle to boil. One answer  for fast, boiling water is to install a Zenith water boiler in west Auckland or North Shore businesses.

Why Install A Zenith Water Boiler?


Zenith boilers make boiling hot water at the press of a nozzle. No more wasting time waiting for a kettle to boil. Your staff can be back at work faster, or your customers can be served quicker.

Energy Efficiency

A patented recycling system means that it is quicker to boil water, therefore using less electricity, and so your fuel bills will be lower as will your carbon footprint.

Another energy saving feature is a sleep-mode which turns off the boiler if it hasn’t been used for a specific length of time.

The Zenith water heater can also be set to turn on automatically. For example, if your business does not operate at the weekend, you can set the boiler to automatically turn itself on early on Monday morning so there is plenty of boiling water available when your people arrive.

Clean, Filtered Water

A commercial water filter removes tiny particulates from the water as well as chlorine and other odours therefore ensuring your people are drinking clean, pleasant tasting water.

Safety And Design

Besides an obvious attractive design which will suit any situation, the way the boiling water is delivered is built for safety first using a two-way tap. For a single cup, the operator simply pushes back the tap so their hands are away from the boiling water. To fill a pot, jug, or larger container, the operator has to pull the tap towards them ensuring they are concentrating on the job at hand.

There is also a locking mechanism to lower any accidental knocking, or operating the tap.

A Water Boiler For Any Application

The Zenith water boilers have been designed for many different applications. These range from small offices up to large scale conference venues, hospitals, or hospitality operations. With capacities ranging from 3 litres up to 40 litres per hour, which is 240 cups per hour.

Warranty on Zenith Water Boilers

The manufacturers are so confident about the build quality of the Zenith water boilers that they give a five-year warranty on the tank, and a two-year warranty on the parts and labour for the heater.

The Zenith Water Boiler Range

Zenith water boiler North ShoreThe stylish water heaters are available in three basic designs, the Hydroboil for smaller volumes, the Autoboil for bigger capacity, and the Econoboil.

There are also two different casing finishes – white, and stainless steel so one will be perfect for your office, or workplace.

Approved Zenith Water Boiler Installer

At Heron Plumbing, we are approved agents which means our plumbers have been trained and accredited to install Zenith water boilers in west Auckland. Our plumbers also install Zenith water boilers on the North Shore too.

For more detail about any Zenith water boilers, call us on 09 836 4009 and we will be happy to talk you through the most suitable water boiler for your own specific needs.

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